Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shoppingbag !

I have bought a lot of clothes last weeks, and I will show you some of it in this post. I really like al those prints and colours that you see everywhere this spring and summer. I have a big wishlist with colourful clothes I want to buy because I only have a lot of dark clothes in my closet. 

Also I will visit the Rock Werchter Festival in June! I am already searching at the internet to get some inspiration for a great festival outfit! Are you going to visit some festivals too, let me know what your favourite festival Outfit is! 

Finally I bought some Vans shoes, there was a big sale at the Daily Rush store in Rotterdam, those Vans only cost € 30,-! I like the anchors very much, I have never saw this Vans before! 

Tanktop with Palmtrees- C&A, other Tanktop- Primark

Blouse- H&M
Necklace- Primark
Shoes- Primark 

Vans shoes with Anchors - Daily Rush, Rotterdam

Aztec Print Scarf- C&A

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiration: Long Skirt

A week ago I bought a pink long skirt at Primark! But how do I have to combinate a Long skirt?  I found some inspirational pictures which I really want to show you. I like this trend very much and I think I will buy some black and brown long skirts for this summer, and maybe one with a bright colour like yellow or orange!  I will make an outfit photo when I wear my pink skirt, but this month I think it will be too cold to wear it :)!  Do you like this trend? 

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pantone New Color!

Every year the company Pantone choose a colour that is going to be the new trend! This year they choose the colour Tangerine Tango.

Tangerine Tango is reddish orange, and in 2012 we will see this colour in  fashion, interior, products and make-up! I like the colour very much, it has the adrenaline, heat and energy of red and the warmth and friendliness of yellow! I have searched for the other Colours of the year, Pantone has chosen the first Colour of the year in 2000.

Every colour at Pantone has it's own name, her is a list of the colours of the year
PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle (2011)

PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise (2010)
PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa (2009)
PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris (2008)
PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper (2007)
PANTONE 13-1106 Sand Dollar (2006) • PANTONE 15-5217 Blue Turquoise (2005)
PANTONE 17-1456 Tigerlily (2004)
PANTONE 14-4811 Aqua Sky (2003)
PANTONE 19-1664 True Red (2002)
PANTONE 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose (2001)
PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean (2000)

I have made my own moodboard with Polyvore to get some inspiration for the new colour.
What do you think of Tangerine Tango?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Model Streetstyle

 I really like the model Streetstyle, and I am always searching for some nice photos of it! At the moment these are some of my favourite photos and I would like to share it with you.
Inspire yourself :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


His style has evolved from typical basic skateboard/street wear into what I think could be called the modern gentleman. He and Kanye seem to be really upping the fashion stakes for musicians and especially black musicians. When we went through the strong stage of hip hop a few years back – 50 Cent, Jay Z (really improved as well since his Def Jam CEO role), Dre, Snoop and even Eminem – it seemed that to be associated with “black culture” you had to wear baggy jeans, an over sized white t-shirt and some bling. It is a completely different story now with a lot of these artists wanting to become more well rounded business men.

Pharrell to me just oozes cool and style. I haven’t ever seen him when I thought he was just another average man on the street. He has a lot of flair and creativity with his outfits – mixing bold colours, patterns and using key accessories like scarves, sunglasses and watches to really stand out. I think a lot of people who are naturally creative just “know” what works when it comes to expressing themselves through their clothes.

I have put together a collection of his outfits below that you can have a look at to see the kind of items he wears and also how he mixes his items up: