Tuesday, December 28, 2010

H&M Spring

H&M have introduced some of their new spring clothes, and i like it very much! Especially the colours are beautiful in my opinion. My favourite item of these 5 items is the Hareem pants.
I can't wait until i can wear my maxi dresses again, it's so cold outside!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The September Issue

If you are a fashionista you really have to watch this movie! I have wrote about it before, but i finally I have seen this movie! it goes about the biggest Vogue magazine ever! The film is from 2007, but it is very nice to watch. You can watch how they make the magazine and you will be surprised how much influence Anna Wintour has in Fashion Industry! I got an another dvd, it's called Lagerfeld Confidental, it tells the story about Karl Lagerfeld! I will watch this movie when I have Christmas break!

Party dress

Yesterday I have been to H&M to search for a nice party dress. I want a nice dress which I can wear with Christmas and my birthday in January! But all the dresses were only in size 34, 36 and 42. I need a 38! It's a pity I didn't found a dress :(! Now I was looking at the ASOS website for some nice dresses. There were a lot of assymetric dresses, and I think they are Hot!

All these dresses are from ASOS.com
Which one is your favourite? mine is the second dress!