Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday it was my bday so we didn't post anything .. Sorry about that. My bday was OK, nothing special .. My boyfriend came over, just chillin, eatin a bday cake haha and we watched with my little brother a movie: KICK-ASS .. like that movie .. so if you ever wanted to see a funny and kickin hot awesome movie you should see that movie !! Anyway i wanna thank (again) Kim, Marije, Jennifer, Linh & Joy for this nice gift: A PIGGY BANK!!!!! And ofcourse the nice bday cart cuppycakes hehe, I really like it !!!! THANK YOU GUYS!! And ofcourse i wanna thank the rest for all the congratulations :D !!!
(Oh yeah wanna thank mom of my boyfriend too for the nice earrings hihi)

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