Thursday, July 29, 2010

Very Little shoppingbag;)

I am in England right now, so i don't have much time to post things on the blog. But, today i have internet! I bought an orange-pink watch today and a bling-bling ring:)! Tomorrow i am going to shop at Primark and Topshop and H&M in a little town called Wrexham in Wales. I didn't know there was a Primark at this town, but i found out on the internet today! I hope there won't be so much people as in Primark Rotterdam :)! Tomorrow I go to Wrexham, the day after I go to Liverpool, and next week I go to London for a week :)

I have made a lot of pictures at my trip, but internet is very slow here, so i will show some pictures, when i am back home!

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