Friday, September 24, 2010


After school we went to Vapiano with the girls to celebrate Marije's ''18th'' birthday hehe (i know if she's going to read this she will laugh untill her teeths fall out her mouth HAHAHA) but damn !!! i love that place, the candles, the paintings, the colours of the wall SO PRETTY! And ofcourse the food was hella good, pizzaaaaaaa (it was too much to handle i guess, when i came home i rolled over the floor for three hours? XD)

Vapiano, which means 'go slow', is an informal Italian restaurant. There is a self service counter and every meal you order is made freshly in the open kitchen right in front of you. Upon entering Vapiano you receive a sort of magnet card, on which your pizza, pasta or salad is credited by the cook or bar keeper. After dinner don’t forget the coffee bar and at the end of the evening you can hand over the magnet card to the cashier and pay.

Vapiano is spacious and there are big bar tables so you can easily get to know with other people. Due to their fresh quality, the good prices and the casual atmosphere, Vapiano is a new and big Italian competitor for other established restaurants in Rotterdam! So when you have time and you're starving, just drop by @ Vapiano and have some good food! YEAH! :D

Binnenrotte 140-148
3011 HC Rotterdam

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