Saturday, December 3, 2011

H&M Shoppingbag :)

This is mij H&M order, some pieces are missing because i couldn't find a picture of it at the H&M Website. At the Dutch H&M website, there is a big sale going on right now! You sometimes can  buy a blouse, tanktop or pull for only €2,-! The golden dress i bought, is for Christmas, but I will wear the front of the dress in the back, because the back is much nicer than the front. I will combinate the jeggings with the pulls in this list.  The dark brown jegging is made from fake leather. Other things I have bought, but which are not at this list are: a scarf with colours like orange, red, blue, brown and black! So I can combinate this scarf with many outfits. I bought a white blouse, a golden ring with a green stone, and some leather bracelets.

Back of the Golden dress

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